Skincare for days…

If you are like me, you have a couple of favorite things you use everyday.. for example: hair products, makeup, skincare items, etc. Today I am gonna be sharing my top 5 favorite things that I use on a daily basis, as far as skincare goes. I’m just gonna jump right in, so enjoy!

** Please take into consideration that all skin types are different, so if you are interested in some of these products check to make sure they are your skin type before buying..

#1- Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is my absolute favorite because it is a very gentle, yet effective product. I also love the price, $15, and sometimes one bottle will last me 4 -5 months. I have super oily and sensitive skin, and this cleanser has seemed to be the only product that doesn’t leave my face feeling oily, or broke-out because of my skins sensitivity to most cleansers.

#2- Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Water Foundation

This foundation is a water-based, vegan foundation that does wonders for my skin. I have tried so many different foundations, but this is the one that has just seemed to work best for me. I also LOVE that it is made from all-natural ingredients, and it seems to help my skin when I wear it, unlike most foundations, which often make me break out super bad. Tarte also has lots of other vegan products, so keep that in mind the next time you are looking for good makeup!

#3- Image Skincare Clear Cell Mattifying Moisturizer

This is a super good moisturizer, especially if you have super oily skin. I know I have mentioned my skin being oily a lot, but it is so so so hard to find products that help control my oily skin instead of make it more oily. This moisturizer makes my skin soft, but at the same time it also helps control the oiliness.

#4- Mario Badescu Lip Balm

If any of you reading this see me on a daily basis, you have probably saw me putting this on. I take it everywhere with me, lol. This stuff is my absolute favorite simply because you can put it on and it is not super thick like most glosses, and it will stay on forever and make your lips feel so smooth. Honestly, I need to just do a post with all my favorite Mario Badescu products, because I have not tried one product that I have not loved, they are all so good! (ESPECIALLY their face sprays and toners!!!) #notanad

#5- Opalscence Whitening Toothpaste

Last but not least, this is also one of my favorite products ever made. I used to use the AP-24 toothpaste forever, and after a while I started noticing that I couldn’t eat or drink anything cold without my teeth aching. I talked to my dentist and she said to throw it away ASAP. For a while I had to use so many different sensitive toothpastes, it was crazy, until I found this one and it has been a life saver! Call me crazy, but no toothpaste has ever worked this good on my teeth! It’s super good for helping sensitive teeth, but it is also made to whiten your teeth at the same time…. it is AMAZING, and I would definitely rate it a 10/10!

So, I have shared some of my favorite skincare items with you, which by the way I have so many more that I wish I could’ve had room to put, but I tried to keep it as short and simple as possible. Anyways, if you have any items that you love as much as I love these, I am always looking to try something different so leave a comment and let me know yours!

2 thoughts on “Skincare for days…

  1. Very helpful blog! Iā€™m going to try the toothpaste. I had trouble with the AP-24 too. Caused serious sensitivity issues. I also loved the tart foundation Which you suggested for me a few months ago.


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